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The Ruby IRC Bot.

rbot is a powerful IRC bot written in ruby.

rbot is designed around a flexible plugin system and is not only easy to extend, but it already includes many useful plugins. Some of the powerful features include:

  • Runtime configuration via irc
  • Flexible authentication and permission system
  • Plugin architecture that makes writing new plugins a breeze
  • Integrated web service
  • Batteries included: plugins for rss, twitter, imdb, translations, weather, notifications, lots of games and many more (over 70 plugins included)


Right now there is no current release of rbot so the best way to get it is through git, checkout the ruby-rbot/rbot (master) repository on github. Using git you can download this repository locally and easily keep it up-to-date:

git clone

You can run rbot by the launch_here.rb script in the resulting rbot/ directory, but first make sure to fulfill the prerequisites (see install guide). To update your copy at a later date run:

git pull

If you are for some reason unable to use git directly you can also download a snapshot of the repository as a zip archive.


  • For documentation on how to setup, use and develop rbot visit our github wiki.
  • To report bugs use the issue tracker at github.
  • IRC: If you want to get in touch with other rbot users or developers join #rbot on (webchat).
  • User Group: To subscribe sent a mail to, unsubscribe with


Rbot is dual licensed MIT+acknowledgment clause or GPLv2.